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Hebron Shooting Incident: Did the terrorist pose an immediate threat to life? Watch and Read this ( In English)

People have asked for what Dr Amir Helmer said in Ivrit to be translated into English so here it is in point form:

Firstly, make sure to watch this video clip.

I wasn’t going to get involved in this, until I saw a highly respected lecturer of mine in International Relations from the LSE, who now lives in Israel, posted an article saying,’ Why did the soldier decide to kill a man that posed no threat to him or his friends?’ Clearly, if you watch this video and listen to the explanation by Dr Amir Helmer, this assumption ( of posing no threat..) is not conclusive.

I am writing this from a purely impartial and objective perspective:

  1. The medical staff treating the stabbed soldier were saying the terrorist was alive.
  2. The medical staff treating the stabbed soldier were saying he may well have explosives on him on the clothing he was wearing.
  3. The medical staff treating the stabbed soldier were clearly shaken and scarred –  You can tell from their body language and tone.
  4. The medical staff treating the stabbed soldier say not to touch him until bomb disposal experts arrive.
  5. The situation is very sense and this is the context in which the soldier enters.
  6. The terrorist on the ground was clearly still alive – his head and hand were seen moving.
  7. The soldiers around the terrorist even though they were closer to him, may not have seen his head and hand move. ( my comment)
  8. The soldier tells the person next to him the terrorist is moving.
  9. The terrorists hand movement could have been interpreted by the soldier as an initial motion to set off  explosives. (my comment)
  10. The soldier asked the other soldiers to move out the way and none of them objected.

The purpose of posting this video and explanation by Dr Amir Helmer is to let you see for yourself.

Benjy Singer.

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