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Top 10 Comments by Rabbi Brovender at his 50th Aliyah Celebratory Evening.

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Top 10 Comments by Rabbi Brovender at his 50th Aliyah Celebratory Evening:

I learnt at Gush and my connection to Rabbi Brovender is through his weekly Wednesday night Parsha shiur.

What attracts me most to Rabbi Brovender is the way he uses humour to teach an educational point.

So, rather than write up what he said, I thought I would just record 10 comments he said tonight at the Celebratory Evening at the Dan Panorama Hotel to mark 50 years since he made Aliyah with his wife, Miriam.


Benjy ( Singer)

So, here are the top 10 comments I paraphrased from what Rabbi Brovender said tonight:

  1. I made Aliyah because of Bnei Akiva. ( He met his wife there too..)
  2. Learning Torah is an experience. How can you hold women back from that experience.
  3. My mother hated the idea of me becoming a Rabbi. She wanted me to be a doctor. My father was a pious man who knew Chumash/ Rashi off by heart. Much better than I do now. That made an impression on me.
  4. Rav Kook has a profound influence on me. We learnt Rav Kook in a small circle at YU. Rav Kook gave me an introduction to passionate Zionism and belief in the collective, nation as opposed to the individual. Rav Kook had faith in the national, collective experience above the individual. That sense of national experience can only take place in Israel.
  5. In the Diaspora your Judaism is defined by your Shul. In Israel the streets are Jewish.
  6. I am technologically inept, but I am learning.
  7. You have to do what you love. I love teaching.
  8. Learning Gemarah is the central and key Jewish learning experience. We are the results of over 2000 years of generations of intellectual enterprise. Learning Gemarah is an ongoing process which connects us to the Netziv, Reb Chayim, the Kzot, the Netivot and the Rambam.
  9. Everyone has an obligation to change the world. How is this done? By believing you can make a difference and doing it in small steps, piece by piece, one by one.
  10. We all have an obligation to be teachers of Torah. Bit by bit. Pasuk by Pasuk. Rashi by Rashi. You don’t need to rely on institutions or frameworks. You just have to learn and teach what you know.

 Rav Brovender’s Concluding Remark: You must learn and be engaged in learning with your children, grandchildren and neighbours. That is the key to Jewish Survival.


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