Jewish Blood is no longer Hefker ( Cheap)


Rav Soloveichik on the Holiness of the Israeli flag and spilled Jewish blood.

Rav Soloveichik in ‘Nefesh Ha’Rav’ writes that there is a section in the Shulchan Aruch that relates to the Holiness of the Israeli flag. In Yoreh De’ah 352, it says a person can’t be buried in an expensive shroud. In YD 364 it says, that if a Jew is found murdered, he should be buried in his bloody clothes that he was found in, without the normal shrouds.

Why don’t we bury him in the usual shrouds? The Shach answers that, ”as the Jew was murdered, we bury him as he was found, in order to raise G-d’s anger against the person who killed the Jew”. This means that when G-d sees how the person was buried-in bloody clothes which will arouse G-d’s compassion to take revenge and avenge the spilled Jewish blood.

Rav Soloveichik applies this to the Israeli flag. The Rav said that in 1948 in the War of Independence and subsequently, many heroic fighters have sacrificed their lives in order to raise the Israeli – Jewish flag.

The Rav claimed therefore that the Israeli flag has the Halachik status and Holiness of a murdered Jew’s clothing, as it symbolized spilled Jewish blood.

The Rav said when the Israeli flag flies, it arouses G-d’s Divine compassion for Am Yisrael wherever it is seen and that G-d may avenge the spilled Jewish blood.

Benjy Singer.

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